Why cleansing crystals is important

Crystals assist us by expanding our consciousness, and bringing more light to our aura, energy bodies and cells. When a crystal is found in nature it is always pure, charged, energised and uplifting. When using crystals for healing work they absorb negative emotional energies and thought patterns.

There are crystals which can transmute these and never need cleansing (Natural citrine, azestulite and Kyanite).

Most others, however, store these patterns indefinitely. These crystals need regular cleansing and re-activation.

Using the Spray

How to cleanse a crystal. Spray on and around crystals
to revitalise their energy fields.

Crystal Cleanser spray can be used to cleanse crystals fast and efficiently. It can also be used on soft, water-soluble or fragile pieces, where leaving the stone in water may be damaging.

Spray on a crystal to clear it of ego programming or “negative energies”, protect it and reconnect it to its original energetic state. Wipe dry with a soft cloth where possible. The spray can also be added to a crystal water bath.


How it works

The principle behind the spray is that it is the effect of the human ego that requires cleansing, not something intrisic to the crystal itself.

The spray contains highly spiritual vibrations in the form of 8 Music Essences, vibrational essences created using the power and purity of music. As these essences are derived from a human source, they appear to work well to address human issues, and it is precisely these which we wish to transmute in cleansing a crystal. A potent combination of gem essences has been added, and just a drop of essential oils for freshness (this doesn’t adversly affect the cleansing ability of the spray).

Use it to cleanse crystals fast and with minimal fuss. Designed by Katalin Kertesz ACHO/C.H.Ed, qualified crystal healer, violinist, and creator of Music Essences.

What it contains


  • purified water
  • alcohol denatured(20% vol.)
  • Music Essences Combination Essence “Portal of Heavens” (J.S.Bach solo violin
    Partita no.1 (BWV 1002), in B minor)
  • gem essences of herkimer diamond,
    clear quartz, carnelian and amethyst
  • essential oils of clary
    sage and lavender.


In a 100ml amber glass bottle with fine mist spray cap.


Crystal Cleanser is available to order direct: price £11 including postage (UK) & VAT.

or visit and select category "Aura Sprays".


International orders: please follow this link and purchase from the Music Essences site


(please note: though listed alongside aura sprays, we don’t recommend using this product as a personal aura spray, as the base includes a small amount of methyl alcohol denaturant. Do not spray onto skin or eyes.)


Crystal Cleanser is made by Music Essences.

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